Box@Home's new truck with hydraulic crane: an innovative step

November 2023 - in Box@Home

Photo of our truck with hydraulic crane

The hydraulic crane on this new Box@Home truck is a technological marvel that significantly simplifies the loading and unloading of heavy cargo.

In November 2022, we at Box@Home proudly took delivery of our latest Mercedes truck. It was custom-built in collaboration with Deom and its advanced hydraulic crane makes it a valuable addition to our already extensive fleet. The crane, which is specially designed and built to meet the unique needs of our operation. It plays a crucial role in placing heavy boxes and containers efficiently and safely, even in the most inaccessible locations.

Yet our truck was not sent out on the road for the first time until early 2023. This is because it first required a long training period for the drivers and makes that the truck was not actively used until several months after its purchase.

our new truck places boxathome container in the warehouse

The advantages of the hydraulic crane

The hydraulic crane on our Box@Home truck is a technological marvel that significantly simplifies the loading and unloading of heavy cargo. Some advantages at a glance:

1. Makes hard-to-reach places accessible

The crane can reach as far as 13.9 metres, depending on the weight of the load. That means we are now able to deliver cargo to places that were previously inaccessible.

Our new truck at Batibouw

2. Saving space

The hydraulic crane requires only 5 square metres of clearance to place a box. This allows precise placement of heavy goods, even in confined locations.

3. Automatic safety system and simple operation

The safety of both load and operators is paramount. The crane is equipped with an advanced safety system that automatically stops when the weight becomes too heavy. This prevents tilting of the truck and minimises the risk of accidents. A special certificate is required to operate the hydraulic crane. This certification ensures that only competent and trained operators operate the crane, contributing to overall safety.

The crane can be operated by just one person with ease, further increasing operational efficiency. An additional advantage is also that it can rotate at 360 degrees, adding value when manipulating containers at limited heights.

A step forward for Box@Home

The addition of this crane marks an important step for us. It allows us to serve our customers even better, even in the most challenging environments. The investment in safety and technology shows Box@Home's commitment to both their employees and customers, and of course we can only be proud of that.

A box from Box@Home on the truck in Brussels

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