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Sample storage at ultra-low temperatures (ULT)

Archiving sample and reference materials requires a lot of maintenance, space and energy. MERAK ULT-Service takes care of those concerns. We store your samples in our ultra-low temperature freezers. In addition, archiving at Merak has additional benefits. Studies have shown that the cost of preservation at Merak is lower than if it were carried out internally. This is thanks to economies of scale. In addition, the Merak warehouses are guarded 24/7, making your samples nowhere safer.

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How does Merak work?  
Our laboratory freezers are suitable for storing samples at very low temperatures. Ideal for medical use.
   Optimal climatic storage conditions
   Accurate data logging
   GDP Licence through the FAGG
   Pay as you go
Optimal storage conditions  
Inside of an ULT freezer that holds samples
Reliable refrigeration equipment:

The Merak Lab Archive was specifically built to keep your sample, reference material and other materials at the right temperature. Our ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT) cool to -86°C. Comprehensive security measures ensure that they are always on standby and monitored.

Automated climate management

Specialised, calibrated and independent data parameters continuously monitor temperature and humidity in our lab archives. The results are forwarded to automated climate systems. And what if something goes wrong? Then a backup freezer is ready to guarantee the safety of your samples and other material.

Quality of service  
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At Merak, you get top quality service for the preservation of your lab archive.

Certified services:

Merak holds all the major certificates for keeping your laboratory archive. Our infrastructure and methods are fully compliant with the OECD regulations, Good Laboratory Practice or GLP guidelines, Attentia conditions, Vlarem I and II and Codex. So you can be sure that your medical samples, reference materials and other substances are always handled correctly.

Efficient sample management:

With our online application, Merak Inventory Online, you can search and manage your materials online. Need your saved samples again? Then you can retrieve them from us with a few clicks and our secure courier service will bring them directly to you. In addition, you can add or delete sample information yourself. This ensures that your archive always contains the latest, relevant information.

In-house secure transport

Merak has its own secure courier service. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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