Data destruction
Reliable destruction of your data
We completely erase your tapes and hard drives to prevent data misuse.

Our data destruction services ensure that all confidential information is removed from your hard drive. We will collect your data carriers from you and take them with us for destruction in the incinerator. But deleting information from your tapes and hard drives is not as easy as it seems. Even if you overwrite them several times with new data, your media supports often contain unwanted valuable data. Therefore, we recommend that you consider demagnetising (degaussing). Especially when it comes to media with confidential information. This makes the data on your disks or tapes completely unreadable.

Destroy paper? Of course we do. Learn more about document destruction.

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How to eliminate data misuse completely?

There are many ways to destroy your hard drive itself. However, you are never completely sure that all your data has been effectively deleted from your drive. Data can often still be read even on broken hard drives.

Already thought about professional demagnetisation?

To completely rule out misuse, we recommend that you first opt to professionally demagnetise your data carrier. Demagnetising your device with the degausser makes the information it contains truly unreadable. We use the same procedures and machines as the U.S. government to demagnetise tapes and hard drives. This makes it possible to ensure that your confidential information has been destroyed. You can then have the carrier itself destroyed (tape, CD-ROM, hard disk...).

Technical specifications  
We destroy data carriers thoroughly. In bulk... or even from 1 CD, DVD, tape, hard disk, etc. The data on your carriers will be destroyed by us in a safe, professional manner. Our discerning approach, processes and experience ensure that your confidential data is kept out of the hands of unauthorised people. Learn more about how we work below.
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At Merak, you get top-quality data destruction at the best value for money.

In-house transport

We have our own secure courier service. Our drivers are discreet and specially trained to handle your confidential information correctly. They will retrieve your tapes, hard drives or CD-ROMs whenever you want. 24/7.

ISO certification

With us, personal information and other confidential information is 100% secure. We guarantee this with our ISO 27001 certificate for secure information management.

One-time or bulk destruction by incineration (default)

We offer you the possibility to destroy your carriers forever, even from 1 CD, DVD, tape, hard drive, etc. Your data carriers will be picked up from your site by our staff. They will be stored in a secure and enclosed area on our premises until the destruction procedure is initiated. Your data carriers will then be destroyed in an incinerator. After collection, we will confirm your destruction order.

Destruction with details

If you wish, we can provide an overview of all the carriers we have destroyed. Click here to contact us.

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Lieve Van Milleghem 10/04/2024


Goeie communicatie voor afspraak. Vriendelijke mensen. De chauffeur ging heel respectvol om met de documenten en hij was heel behulpzaam. Dank u!

Santino Amoruso 09/05/2022


Service au top, avec la simplicité du système de commande, la serviabilité du serv administratif et l'enlèvement rapide et très sympa. Service très flexible aussi.

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Stipt op tijd. Vriendelijke bediende. Professionele afhandeling. Zeer tevreden met deze firma Merak, en de goede afhandeling.

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Super vriendelijke service van Leslie! En snel! Dit is de 2e keer dat ik op hen beroep doe en ik zal hen in de toekomst, wanneer nodig, zeker opnieuw contacteren.