Archive boxes
Buy our high-quality archive boxes
Our sturdy archive boxes protect your documents for years to come.

They are designed to keep your documents safe. They have a high moisture absorption resistance, can carry a lot of weight and are known for their long life. Watch our video.
You can order our archive boxes online. This way you can keep your paper records in optimal conditions at home or in the office.
One more thing: because we purchase our boxes in large quantities, we can offer them to you at a very advantageous price.

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Product information  
Athlete stands on two Merak archive boxes to show how strong they are
Secure archive storage begins with the packaging

If we know one thing for sure after 35 years of experience, it's how important it is to keep your records in a high-quality box.
Our air-conditioned warehouses keep our boxes in top shape without tearing or collapsing. Where other boxes quickly lose their shape, the Merak archive box retains its shape and firmness.

Pristine archive box

Merak developed its well-known and pristine archive box to keep your documents for years. It is strong, convenient to use and also completely anonymous.
Our archive boxes undergo strict quality control at the Belgian Packaging Institute every time they are delivered. Among other things, they test how well they are resistant to moisture. The sturdiness and quality of the cardboard are also examined under the magnifying glass.

Technical specifications  
Our boxes come in different formats. The most popular is the Standard Merak archive box. Four (wide) ring binders fit in this box. We sell them in packs of 25 which you can easily order online.
Below, you will find all the technical specifications and various photos.
   Good value for money
   Lifetime at least 25 years
   Super sturdy cardboard
   Easy to stack
A picture of a parked Merak van
At Merak, you will find top-quality archive boxes for the best value for money.

Extremely long life

In our archival rooms there are still many old Merak archive boxes. It makes sense, given that they can last up to 25 years.
Would you still like to keep your documents in your office? Then our archive boxes are definitely the best choice. The boxes are easily stackable and equipped with comfortable handles. Because the special cardboard absorbs virtually no moisture and thanks to the reinforced box and cover design, the boxes remain stable. Even after decades of service, they maintain their shape very well.

Tests in lab

Samples of our boxes are regularly tested by the Belgian Packaging Institute. This includes checking the PH value. But resistance to moisture is also tested.

Solid cardboard

Our compression tests show that two people can stand on an empty box, without it collapsing. Want to see it for yourself? Then watch this video.

Easy to use

These high-quality storage boxes are easy to mount without adhesive tape or staples. The folding instructions are always printed on the outside.
The handles make it possible to move or stack the boxes easily.

Good value for money

Because we purchase our high-quality archival boxes in large numbers, we can offer them to you at a very advantageous price.

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