Scanning documents Name and subdivision of your archive Delivering a digital file

The price is calculated based on the size of your archive (A5/A4/A3 format of normal paper quality) and optional choices. About scanning documents. The price is calculated based on the size of your archive and optional choices. Our representative will pack and retrieve your archive to be scanned. This is already included in the price. Can you deliver a digital file in Excel with the expected file names? Or should this be done manually by Merak?

What does this all-inclusive price include?
Running metre

The length of your archive, expressed in running metres (6,000 pages/running metres)

What is a running metre archive?
Ring Binders

Add the number of ring folders to be digitised to your order. 75 mm back or similar box (400 pages)

Per page

Add the number of pages you want to scan

Extra information

Colour images?

Would you like to have your archive scanned in black-and-white or colour?


1 Page corresponds to +/- 35 Kb


1 Page corresponds to +/- 347 Kb

Delivery of physical archive

What should happen to your archive after scanning?

Return to you

Destruction by Merak

Preservation by Merak (not included)

Next we ask you for additional information about the name and subdivision of your archive.

Specifications are successfully set

Standard processing (included in price)
  • Your documents are scanned per folder (spine 75 mm) or per box.
  • We use the name of the scanned folder or box as the designation for your digital file.
  • The name can consist of up to 40 characters.
  • Via the automatic text recognition you can find keywords in your digital file.
Detailed processing
  • You wish to divide the contents of your folder into several files.
  • You should then separate each file with a post-it, a dividersheet or a tab.

Designation and subdivision are successfully set

I have a database
  • You provide us with an Excel database of your files
  • Merak adopts database integral with limitation of 40 characters
  • Your excel file matches the order of the subdivision

Total number of pdf files to be generated:

I am having this done by Merak
  • You have no Excel database of your files
  • Merak adopts your names with limitation of 12 characters

Total number of pdf files to be generated:

Transparent prices

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0 Pages

Transport costs
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Prices do not include VAT

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