Energy, chemistry & petrochemical industry

Merak creates the right climate for the safe preservation of your samples and processes.

The energy sector not only contains many sensitive products, but also sensitive information. Merak offers the perfect storage conditions for all your precious data with super-secure vaults and ultra-low-temperature freezers.

Merak will be happy to help you with:

Okay Unburdening your digital or physical data and documents

Okay Climatised storage of sensitive products and samples

Okay Immediate delivery of your archive, samples or products at crucial moments

Okay Conservation in accordance with the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements, as well as those of Attentia, Vlarem I and II, and the Codex

A petrochemical industry rig
Stacked Merak archive boxes form a wall

Merak offers you a total service

Combined storage - digital and original:

Merak keeps both your paper and digital data in the best conditions. The paper originals are in the confidential document vault. And the scans are stored in the e-bunker, where they are safe from electromagnetic radiation and other hazards. Only you decide who can consult them.

A fully equipped e-bunker:

Merak keeps your digital documents safe in an underground vault, built to the strict standards of Swiss Civil Defence. In this e-bunker, the climate is optimal to preserve your magnetic carriers. The complete e-bunker also features a smart fire extinguishing system with an environmentally friendly gas. Each fire source is located exactly to the nearest centimetre and the flames are put out immediately.

Ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT):

All your lab samples are stored in specially built climate rooms. Merak has ultra-low temperature freezers that can cool down to -90°C. Due to the extensive safety precautions, the ULT freezers are always on standby.

Certified approach:

A guaranteed secure preservation of your archive is at the heart of the Merak philosophy. Frequent audits and strict ISO 27001 standards ensure that Merak always treats your data correctly and securely, with 0% margin of error. You will also receive a detailed report with traceability of each action in your archive.

Merak expertise

For more than 35 years, we have been helping our private and public sector customers to professionally archive, classify and manage information.

Our experienced experts guarantee you the ideal conditions for storing your data and ensure that you can find it quickly at any time.
A Merak archive box is removed from the shelves by an employee