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Merak expertise

A large number of confidential documents circulate in the financial sector. This should be done in accordance with strict legal regulations. Because Merak offers 100% security, it has become the preferred partner of various financial institutions.

Merak will be happy to help you with:

Okay External archiving of small or large archives

Okay Make your documents available remotely

Okay A fast and immaculate service

Okay A convenient overview of the legal retention periods of contracts and other documents

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Merak offers you a total service

Perfect storage conditions:

Our automated systems guarantee the perfect climate in our archival rooms. Our air filters remove dust particles down to half a micron. And our lighting contains hardly any UV radiation. The humidity and temperature are also under permanent supervision.

100% confidentiality:

Your information carriers are contained in anonymous, bar-coded packages. Only the computer knows where they are. The transport of your data is also carried out in discreet vehicles that continuously signal their route to the central dispatching office.

Flexible service:

The efficient division of labour at Merak always guarantees enough professionals for short-term, important archiving operations. Your documents and archives are delivered by our own courier service. When and where you want it. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This ensures maximum continuity, even in emergency situations, and 100% certainty that we will return your file correctly.

Merak expertise

For more than 35 years, we have been helping our private and public sector customers to professionally archive, classify and manage information.

Our experienced experts guarantee you the ideal conditions for storing your data and ensure that you can find it quickly at any time.
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