Archiving at Merak reduces the workload on your staff.

The multitude of suppliers and customers creates a wealth of information in the retail sector. Merak helps you gather all your information together and store it in a practical way. This reduces the workload on your staff and helps you make better use of your archive data.

Merak will be happy to help you with:

Okay Smart processing of your data

Okay A solution to lack of space

Okay A convenient overview of the legal retention periods for documents

Okay Attention to your customer information

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Merak offers you a total service

Digitisation of your archive:

Merak digitises all your single- or double-sided documents (from books to invoices) in all formats. The digitised documents can be stored in colour or black and white, with or without character recognition in 100 languages (OCR/ICR). Compression options are also available to reduce file size.

Preservation of your original and digital data:

Merak keeps both your paper and digital data in the best conditions. The paper originals are in the confidential document vault. And the scans are stored in the e-bunker, where they are safe from electromagnetic radiation and other hazards. Only you decide who can consult them.

Flexible Service:

The efficient distribution of work at Merak is optimally aligned with your workflow and always guarantees enough professionals for short-term, important actions for your archive management. Your documents and archives are delivered by our own courier service. Where and when you want it. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This ensures maximum continuity even in emergency situations.

Certified approach:

According to Merak, clients deserve the greatest safety guarantees for their data. The safe storage of all archives is therefore at the heart of the ‘Merak DNA’. Frequent audits and strict ISO 27001 standards ensure that Merak always treats your data correctly and securely, with 0% margin of error. You will also receive a detailed report with traceability of each action in your archive.

Merak expertise

For more than 35 years, we have been helping our private and public sector customers to professionally archive, classify and manage information.

Our experienced experts guarantee you the ideal conditions for storing your data and ensure that you can find it quickly at any time.
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