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Merak offers you a convenient and fast all-round solution for your records and information management.

Digitising the administration ensures efficient use of all files. Because by digitising your documents, you can access and share them online any time, anywhere from your smartphone or laptop. Many companies have led the way for you.

Merak will be happy to help you with:

Okay Unburdening archive and information management

Okay Rapid document destruction

Okay Digitising documents and entire archives

Okay Easy retrieval of records

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Merak offers you a total service

Peace of mind:

Through the Merak e-commerce website, you store your archive remotely. But that doesn't mean you've lost control. On the contrary, you keep supervision at all times. We will collect your documents from you and classify them. Then you manage them yourself via our convenient e-commerce website. 24/7. Ideal for peace of mind.

Calculate your rate in advance:

You'll be amazed at how little you pay per month for a secure remote archive. Do you have a small archive? No problem. Easily calculate your rate on This way you know exactly how much you pay in advance. No small print or hidden costs.

Services included:

Merak is on hand 24/7 to help you archive your paper and digital documents. You choose which documents you want to archive and our staff will pack them together in professional archive boxes. We keep them in our highly secure storage rooms for as long as you like. Need your documents again? Then you can come and consult them in one of our reading rooms. Or our specialised courier service will bring them to you in no time.

Merak expertise

For more than 35 years, we have been helping our private and public sector customers to professionally archive, classify and manage information.

Our experienced experts guarantee you the ideal conditions for storing your data and ensure that you can find it quickly at any time.
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